Portable, Automated, End-to-End Machine Learning Pipelines Built on Proven Products You Know and Love…

- Kubernetes®

- Rancher®


- Plus…K3s for IoT

The preferred tool to deploy ML pipelines using Rancher and RAPIDS

MLOps…we got that.

Any Tech Stack

On Prem, Hybrid, or any Cloud Provider. Eliminate managed K8S fees. Simple GUI to design your MLOps with whatever you want. Use any ML tech stack you deem fit for your statistical use case. No vendor lock.

K3s for IoT and Edge

Save time and money with K3s Lightweight Kubernetes that is easy to install, with half the memory, all in a binary of less than 100MB.


Compliment the needs of GPU-accelerated workloads on end-to-end machine learning pipelines that run on Kubernetes using NVIDIA GPUs.


In order to ensure success, Aktiver offers customized training for enterprise customers. Training is offered either onsite or virtual. Free online training via video is provided for all standard users.


Aktiver provides free comprehensive video tutorials, documentation, and monitored user forums. As well, we offer dedicated support from data specialists. We are here to help you deploy real-world machine learning projects at scale.


Aktiver was built for data scientists by data scientists. If you need model-building and machine learning services to get the most from Aktiver, we can help.

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Give Control of the Machine Learning Pipeline Back to the Data Scientist

80% of machine learning models never make it to production, wasting valuable time and resources. Often, the data scientist is expected to do everything. But a data science project is a team effort, including data engineers, statisticians, and business analysts. Organizations who cannot afford to compile these cross-functional teams often rely on their lone data scientist to solve the problem, setting them up for failure. Aktiver is designed to enable the data scientist to perform end-to-end machine learning, including monitoring and model serving.
  • Get models into production faster
  • Substantially reduce labor costs
  • Lower infrastructure costs
  • Recover opportunity costs
  • Decrease time to realized ROI

Aktiver provides an entire automated end-to-end machine learning pipeline so you can focus on models. Take back control of your machine learning projects. Let Aktiver provide the MLOps.
is recommended for machine learning frameworks using Aktiver.
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GUI interface

to design your machine learning pipeline.

Accelerated GPU Workloads

For Kubernetes/Rancher, deployed by Aktiver

Take Back Control

of your machine learning pipeline. Design any ML pipeline you deem fit for your statistical use case. It’s your choice. No vendor lock.

Automated Deployment

of Kubernetes and your pipeline:
- Get to the next best model faster
- Expedite time to ROI by up to 300%

Designed to Enforce

various components of reproducibility

Pipeline Status

to provide health checks for your machine learning model deployment


for model serving to help manage statistical concept drift